The Committee of Management

RAYNET-UK's activities are managed and co-ordinated by the Committee of Management. The Committee comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman, Company Secretary, Treasurer and the Zone Co-ordinators.

Like members of RAYNET groups, the Committee of Management are all volunteers who give their time and other resources to the work of RAYNET-UK. Indeed in addition to their Committee of Management duties, they are all active members of their local groups. The Zone Co-ordinators are elected by the membership of their Zone to serve on the Committee of Management for a period of three years.

The Committee of Management exists to:

  • Provide a centre of advice and information for members, their groups and user services.
  • Provide a wide range of services that can be more efficiently organised on a national basis.
  • Facilitate the provision of resources beyond the scope of individual groups and their immediate contacts.
  • Provide a national point of contact and liaison for user services, government departments & agencies, and other national and international bodies.

RAYNET-UK seeks to work in co-operation with its members and their Groups. Advice will be offered but the Committee of Management is not part of a rigid "command structure"

Officers of RAYNET-UK

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Thomson, GM1XEA

Chairman Cathy Clark, G1GQJ

Company Secretary Position vacant
Treasurer Position vacant
Director, External Liaison Trevor Groves, G4KUJ



All official correspondence with RAYNET-UK should be sent to:

The Committee of Management
9 Conigre
OX39 4JY

A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales company number 2771954.
Registered office 9 Conigre, CHINNOR, Oxfordshire OX39 4JY.
Charity registered in England and Wales number 1047725 and in Scotland number SC046184.