Forming a new RAYNET group

Nobody should have any misapprehensions just how much work is involved in forming a new RAYNET group, establishing User Service links, developing the group and keeping it running on a day-to-day basis.

Existing groups

Before considering the formation of a new RAYNET group, the existence of any groups in the area proposed to be covered by the new body should be investigated.

If a local group does already exist, a second group in the same area will cause issues with the local User Service liaison and cause friction with the existing group, as you will be competing to cover the same activities.

The Network will not normally support a new group in these circumstances, however if there is a clear reason to do so the application will still be considered.

Starting a new group

If after careful consideration it is still the wish to form a new group, contact should be made with the Zone Co-ordinator for your part of the country, who will be able to offer advice & support and make the necessary arrangements for the group to be registered.

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