Registration forms

The basic membership forms are provided here to assist groups in registering their membership. A full catalogue of forms is available on the Members area of this site, together with full details of their use and other supporting material.

These forms are for the use of Group controllers or Group Registration officers. If you are interested in joining RAYNET, you should approach your local group who will provide you with the necessary information, or complete an on-line membership enquiry to be put in contact with RAYNET in your area.

All registrations and renewals must be accompanied by a passport grade and sized photograph with the member's callsign marked on the back and must be accompanied by the full membership fee in force at the time of application.

Each batch of registrations must be accompanied by a Summary Sheet, fully completed and accompanied by the full fee for the period of registration. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to 'The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network'. This should NOT be abbreviated to initials and under no circumstances should any remittance to RAYNET-UK be made payable to an individual.

Description and use of the documents

All forms must be sent to the correspondence address of RAYNET-UK.

RAYNET Registrations
13 Tyn Rhos Estate
LL65 3HS

Each form in use has a reference. When using any of these forms make sure that your requirements are concise, clear and unambiguous. The Registrations Team knows little if anything about your group or its members, so please invest a little time in ensuring that your documentation is completely understandable to a complete stranger. You will find the extra effort will benefit you.

All forms listed below
are in PDF format.

  Registration Summary Sheet

All registrations must be accompanied by a Summary Sheet, it must be completed to reflect accurately what is being submitted and validated by the group controller. This form is most important as it is the only way that the registrations team can be sure that all your correspondence has been received.

  Member Details

This form must be completed for each member that is being registered or re-registered. All registrations must be accompanied by a passport grade and sized photograph of the member. The photograph should be taken without any form of headgear and sunglasses should not be worn.

The subject's callsign or RAY number should be marked clearly on the reverse of the photograph. Where a non-licensed person is being registered for the first time, the name of the subject should be printed on the reverse of the photograph and they will be issued with a RAY number by registrations.

  Individual Members Agreement and Guarantee

As members are joining a Company, they must sign to say they accept the Company rules and give a guarantee. This form allows them to do this and must be included with the very first membership application that a prospective new member makes. Thereafter no further signature is required from the member, even if they lapse and rejoin.

  Parent / Guardian approval for a person who has not yet reached their 18th Birthday to become a junior member of RAYNET

Members under 18 years of age cannot be members of a Company, therefore this form must be completed by junior members (aged over 14 but not yet reached 18). When they reach 18 years, they must complete form REG-06 on their next renewal.


  Notifying changes of Group or Member details

Notes regarding the update of appointments and member details.

  Request for personal detail disclosure

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, any person may request the details held about them by RAYNET-UK. This form provides the formal mechanism to make this request.

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