Membership - What it costs and what you get


Membership of RAYNET-UK provides the Member with a wide range of services and benefits, aimed specifically at ensuring that the organisation is fully equipped to provide the emergency communications provision our User Services expect from us.

The National membership fee is currently £7.20 per year (60p per month).

For your membership fee you get:

  • A secure photo ID card, recognised by the User Services.
  • Public Liability and Third-Party insurance whilst on RAYNET activities.
  • Personal Accident Insurance whilst on RAYNET activities.
  • Checkpoint, RAYNET-UK's regular magazine.
  • An e-mail forwarding service with an @raynet-uk.net address.

As a Member, you get direct access to:

  • 30+ Membership services, designed to support RAYNET-UK at all levels.
  • RAYNET supplies at a discounted price.
  • Members Website.
  • Additional Membership Supplies items exclusive to Members.
  • Full support of the National teams.

No other organisation, national or local, offers such a large range of services specifically tailored to support Members and Groups engaged in emergency communications, or exclusively represents their Members' interests at Local, Regional and National level.

How to join

Membership of RAYNET is open to anyone over the age of 14 with an interest in the aims of the organisation. It does not matter if you hold an Amateur Radio licence or not as there are many disciplines involved in RAYNET work. All classes of Amateur licence are welcome and a foundation licence (M3/M6/M7 callsign) is not a bar to operating in a RAYNET environment.

To join RAYNET, you must register with a local Group who will deal with your application to the National organisation. Some local Groups pay all or part of the National membership fee on your behalf and give you a reduced rate, others charge a higher fee to cover the cost of running the Group.

On first joining, your membership runs from the date of registration to the common renewal date of the Group with which you are registering. Thereafter your membership will be on a one or two year renewal period, depending on the local group policy.

Full details on how to join are provided here.

Information on the Member's Guarantee.


RAYNET-UK automatically provides the following insurance to all registered Members.

  • £5 Million Public Liability (3rd Party) insurance
  • £10 Million Employers liability
Please remember that it is the Member who is insured, not the Group.

If your membership is not current or you have operators on the event who are not insured (even if they are members of your local RAYNET group), your cover with RAYNET-UK may be invalidated and you could be personally liable in the event of an incident.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is automatic for all registered members.

The benefits under the scheme are as follows:

  • Death or total disablement of part of the body - £50,000
  • Temporary total disablement - £100 per week

Insurance policy documents

Insurance policy documents are available to current Members of RAYNET-UK through the Members' area.

RAYNET-UK's certificate of Employers liability is circulated on an annual basis via the Checkpoint magazine.

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