Membership services

RAYNET-UK provides a wide range of services to support Members, their Groups and liaisons with our User Services. This support is delivered at Member, Group and National level and is organised by the Committee of Management.

The following services are currently provided to all registered Members and their Groups and are all included in the basic membership fee.

RAYNET-UK would welcome suggestions from the Membership on new areas in which we can support the Membership and local Groups.

Member support

  • Providing effective Public Liability and Third-party insurance to Members whilst on RAYNET activities.
  • Providing Personal Accident Insurance to Members whilst on RAYNET activities. This scheme, unlike many others provides benefit to those Members over 70 years of age.
  • Providing a secure photo ID card, recognised by the User Services.
  • Provision of an e-mail forwarding service with an @raynet-uk.net address, enabling Members to receive e-mail's without the problems associated with changing ISP.
  • Providing a Membership Supplies service on both a mail order basis and direct sale at major Amateur Radio rallies.
  • Discount on the wide range of RAYNET supplies, plus purchase of member-only items and member specials.

Members exclusive website

An exclusive members only website is maintained to give members access to resources that are provided as a privilege of membership. The facilities provided include:

  • Management of your personal details
  • Access to RAYNET Supplies member discounts and specials
  • Download of various group and personal resources
  • Current and past editions of Checkpoint Magazine and other newsletters available in electronic format
  • Group officers can manage their entire group membership

Direct local Group support

  • Provision of support and advice to Group officers.
  • Production of a National Training Scheme designed for local delivery via the local Group training officers.
  • The control and issue of talk-through permits.
  • Technical evaluation of components relevant to RAYNET operations and general technical support.
  • Production of profession standard display material for local use at User Service functions, Radio Rallies and recruitment activities.
  • The provision of Group membership details, appointment information and resources via the Members Website.
  • Provision of on-line diary facilities to record activities, publicise events and request assistance.

Specialist teams

  • Operation of several National teams, who's remit is to support the organisation at both a National and local level.
  • These teams are accessible to both Members and Groups.

    • Membership
    • Emergency Planning
    • Media
    • Information systems
    • Supplies
    • Technical
    • Training

National services

  • Administering the Membership Database and providing periodic management reports to aid Zone Co-ordinators and County Co-ordinators.
  • Provision of a 24-hour Emergency Contact phone number on 0303 040 1080 to back-up local contact arrangements for user services.
  • Development and maintenance of a "shop window" Website aimed at User Services and the non-RAYNET amateur population.
  • The production of a professional standard presentation package aimed primarily at User Services.
  • The collection of high quality photographic and video material of RAYNET activities.
  • Redistribution of material from similar organisations abroad.
  • Providing Guest speakers/lecturers for User Service functions and training programmes.
  • Compiling the weekly national news for e-mail.
  • Collation of group events for the National diary of activity.
  • Production of a regular magazine (Checkpoint).
  • Liaison with the radio licensing authorities on matters of interest to RAYNET
  • Liaison with other National Amateur Radio bodies.

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